Marauder II Chassis

marauder2When it comes to cabs and chassis, Seagrave has a tremendous story to tell – something no other apparatus manufacturer can match. It is about firefighter safety. It happens to be one of Seagrave’s primary concerns – because getting to the fire can be just as dangerous as actually fighting the fire.

The Marauder II Cab is a great example of how Seagrave meets this challenge better than anyone. The Marauder II is built with more structural integrity than any other cab on the market. It is the only cab of its type to offer a rigid, stainless steel subassembly that totally surrounds and protects the driver, captain and crew.

It all starts with a substantial three inch steel subframe

This remarkable cab begins with a Seagrave exclusive – a substantial three inch rectangular-tube steel subframe. Welded over this subframe is a completely enclosed, all-stainless steel superstructure that creates a protective cage. The entire structure is then covered with heavy gauge, stainless steel. The finished Marauder II cab is not only stronger than any competitor’s, but safer, too.

Seagrave cabs continue to save lives, even when the unexpected happens. So why leave safety to chance? Before you specify a new fire apparatus, be sure to

investigate the competitive facts. You’ll quickly discover that Seagrave is the only company to offer a stainless steel protective cage for firefighter transport safety.

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